April 6, 2020

On April 2, 2020, Governor Brian Kemp issued the shelter in place order for the State of Georgia. Baptist Retirement Communities of Georgia wants to reassure the community, our staff, our tenants, and their loved ones that our organization is abiding by this law.

Our company has continued to provide congregate, independent living housing for senior adults for over 50 years. We recognize that Baptist Retirement Communities of Georgia must operate under the assumption that some of our tenants may meet the criteria of an at-risk category. Prior to the shelter in place, Baptist Retirement Communities of Georgia took an aggressive stance and instituted written safety protocols that were in line with the CDC and local health departments, specific to COVID 19.

All staff members were trained on vital information regarding reducing the amount of risk of any airborne and droplet infectious diseases and illnesses, but specifically COVID-19. Tenants have been given individual flyers, and safety notices are posted throughout each property to remind everyone of the proper handwashing guidelines, cough/sneeze etiquette, self-quarantine parameters, and social distancing. Although Baptist Retirement Communities makes every effort to ensure the safety of those in contact with and within our properties, it is up to the individual tenant to abide by the regulations that have been temporarily established in order to keep everyone safe.

Any vendors that are approved to work on-site at any of the properties must fall under a specific category as listed in the Statewide Shelter in Place Handout, which was provided by the Office of the Governor. The specific category is listed as:

    1) Engaging in Essential Services
          A) Vendors completing projects that address life safety issues and repairs on areas that pose a threat to the health and well-being of tenant
          B) Vendors providing meals
          C) Vendors providing the delivery of medical/essential supplies

Any outside vendors that maintain ongoing service any Baptist Retirement Communities properties have provided the organization with their specific safety protocol, to include and address the COVID-19 virus. No vendor is allowed inside the congregate buildings, unless for repairs in extreme emergencies.

Baptist Retirement Communities of Georgia keeps abreast of any updates and utilizes the guidelines and assistance of the CDC and local Health Departments in making organizational decisions and to ensure compliance. Throughout this process, we will continue to remain in constant communication with not only the tenants, but with any vendors, the staff, and the Board of Trustees. As with the government and many other organizations, we are committed to remain fluid in our operations in order to strengthen the fight against COVID-19 and to protect our most precious asset-the tenants and staff of Baptist Retirement Communities of Georgia. 

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